Mikael Hedlund Ellevio


How long have you worked at Ellevio and what are you working with? 

I started at Ellevio (then Fortum Distribution) April 2009 as Process Manager and started as Documentation Manager 1: April 2016. The team I manage consists of about 24 employees, of whom 8 are consultants.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Stockholm and partly in Småland just outside Västervik.

How is working with Studentwork?

Every time I need to hire a consultant, I turn to Studentwork. Studentwork acts personal but professionally and it suits me perfectly. Always a good response, of course, but more important is that I get an investigative and exploratory response.

How did you experience the process?

I always get frequent feedback about how the process progresses and many opportunities are given to reflect and learn.

How did you get in touch with Studentwork?

I came into contact with Studentwork through a colleague and I am very happy about it today.

Do you have any tips for companies that choose between hiring a crew or recruiting yourself?

The positive thing about hiring staffing companies is to me that I get a high degree of flexibility, I get to work with someone who has this profession and it leaves more time for me to devote myself to my core business.

What are your best career tips?

A career tip from me is to reflect thoroughly where you want to be and WHAT you can contribute. Make a career with both brain and heart!


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