Työskentely konsulttina

Working as a consultant means that you will be working for our customer company, but your employer is Studentwork. Consultant often works during a fixed-period and the employment can be shorter or longer. Often the employment continues after the fixed-period, if the consultant and company are happy with each other. 

There are many benefits you get from working as a consultant for Studentwork. Our experienced recruiters are with you from the beginning, through the employment, to the time when it is time to move towards new challenges. Working as a consultant in a fixed-period employment gives you the opportunity to experience different industries and assignments. 

As a Studentwork's consultant:

  • Your employer is Studentwork but you do the actual work at the customer company. You are part of our customer's team and community.
  • You'll do a psychometric Onboarding-evaluation which helps you and your new team leader to get to know each other and develop your co-operation. The report helps you to recognize and verbalize your strengths, values and motivational factors. That helps you to orientate to your new job and create career plans for future.
  • You have a right for occupational health services at Terveystalo from day one as a consultant.
  • You'll have a contact person at Studentwork who you can contact in any job and career related situation. Our Consultant Care -team takes care of you. Wether you have any difficulties, illness, salary or any other job related questions, our Consultant Care is happy to help every day from monday to friday.
  • You get professional support for your salary negotiations and other changes in your contract. Our career info is able to answer your requests fast and easy. As a Studentwork consultant you will not be left alone.

When your fixed-term contract is ending we'll ask you about your willingness to continue working and about your future plans. We have hundreds of companies from start-ups to bigger corporations as our customers that offer countless career steps for our consultants.



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